We were finally able to shed the thermals at the Millennial Garden Festival at Buckfast Abbey. It was a really great day and all the hard work that Aaron Southgate and the team put in certainly paid off. The setting was beautiful (you can see us under the Monterey Pine with the Abbey behind us in the photo) and the weather was warm and dry. The range of exhibitors was really well put together and complemented each other well. There were plenty of events to keep people entertained too.

Free entry brought lots of visitors and we had some really interesting conversations. It was fun being next to Avon Bulbs who had a tidal wave of visitors as soon as the gates opened; meanwhile we started slowly but had a steady stream all day. And of course there was the Abbey to look found too. The Millennial Garden was lovely – no wonder it won the People’s Choice Award at last year’s Malvern Show.