Garden art and stakes that will enhance your garden – see the galleries below:

  • Animal shapes that will add a light touch to your garden from swallows to robins and deer to hares. 1200mm high. £15 each except the celtic hare at £25
  • An evocative ammonite that’s so essential to the Jurassic cost. 1500mm high. £20 each
  • Hanging circles that emphasise the shape within – swallow, red squirrel, cockerel and celtic hares. £25 each.
  • Larger sculptural pieces that move in the wind to add drama and focus to your beds – quivering maple leaves and funky umbellifers. 1500mm high above the ground. Starting at £55 each.
  • Feisty boxing hares mounted on a firm but flexible base. Correctly positioned, these will wave in the wind and really look like they are boxing! 1500mm high above the ground. £150 the pair.
  • Our modern version of a green man, 500 mm diameter, finished in green with other options available. £85
  • Celtic Cross, ask about other designs you can commission. £85

Most people prefer to leave pieces to rust naturally in the garden, or if you prefer they can be treated occasionally with a clear lacquer to keep a shinier look.