About the Company

Jonne set up The Gardener’s Blacksmith in 2015 as a semi-retirement business in order to keep himself sane, sociable and solvent, tapping into more artistic roots that did not get a chance to breathe in his professional life as an innovation and leadership consultant and coach. He works in East Devon with a forge in Axminster.

As gardeners, Jonne and Tricia are interested in designing a range of useful and practical plant supports.

This has developed into other products for both the garden and home as ideas, facilities and experience develop and commissions suggest other directions. For example, Jonne created a console table for a friend with a nice piece of stone that would form a good table top and has discovered he enjoys designing and constructing furniture. A second brand, ferrous furnishings has been launched for furniture, household items and artwork. (One of the advantages of constructing in metal is that many of the products can work either indoors or outdoors, one simply needs to pay attention to the finish.)

If you have an idea for something you want created in metal, please give Jonne a call and to discuss your ideas. If it is not something he can help you with he will most likely be able to direct you to another blacksmith who can, as each artist/blacksmith tends to focus on specific areas of interest. There are many practitioners across the UK.

In the Art section you will find creative pieces, typically one-offs. In the Garden Products section you will find a range of practical products plus some decorative items and in the Household Products the same is true.



The Gardeners Blacksmith - Plant Supports and Artist Blacksmith Products - Jonne Ceserani