CeseraniSculpture shows my fine art, somewhat different from the more functional work of The Gardener’s Blacksmith.

All of the work is in bronze, mild steel and stainless steel. The bronzes are mainly for indoors but, given the nature of bronze, could be displayed outdoors.

The flow, form and movement series is a range of sculptures designed to capture the dynamism of the human form in dance/gymnastic poses.There is an original available created on a mild steel armature and built up using mild steel weld with an electric MIG welder. Bases are all stainless steel. A limited edition of 15 bronzes of each design is available.

The time lapse series is a range of sculptures in mild steel with a mild steel base, again capturing the idea of flow and movement, this time of animals. Each is a unique piece with a lacquer finish. These are only suitable for indoor display.

Commissions are displayed in a separate gallery below.

Flow, form and movement gallery

Time lapse gallery