The Clematis Pyramid

The Clematis Pyramid - The Gardeners Blacksmith - Jonne Cesarani

The Clematis Pyramid

The Clematis Pyramid is a vertical flat topped pyramid with 4 legs and 5 hoops. The bottom hoop is 400mm and the top 300mm. It is deliberately a skeletal structure to minimise impact over the winter. The idea is to place vertical strings on each side which the clematis will happily cling to. When it is pruning time cut the strings and shear to the desired height. This will be very easy and avoids having to disentangle lots of clingy growth.

It is also good for any climbing plant like honeysuckle and the like, you could even grow a rose up it but you would have to rename it to avoid confusion.

Price:     £125

Galvanising add £30. Powder Coating add £30.