Basic Plant Support - The Gardeners Blacksmith - Jonne Ceserani
Basic Plant Support Half Round - The Gardeners Blacksmith - Jonne Ceserani

The Hexagon Range

Our extensive range of hexagon plant supports and towers are designed for perennials of all sizes, including shrub roses and anything that gets a bit ‘droopy’ as the season lengthens or it rains and blows a lot. All the basic plant supports have 3 legs and 2 hoops. They all have a small lower hoop and larger upper hoop and will stack when not in use.

The flush design means there is no danger of them poking you in the eye when you are gardening. They are unobtrusive in the border, focusing the eye on the beauty of your plants rather than your plant supports.

The half rounds are designed to stop clumps of plants flopping forwards. We use them with leucanthemum (Shasta daisies), rudbeckias and the like.

The border guards keep plants from drooping over paths and edges. Hardy geraniums and nepetas (cat mint) benefit from them in our garden.

Use with the full round supports peonies, tall geraniums, delphiniums, etc

H is the height in mm
LD is the lower hoop diameter
UD is the upper hoop diameter

The diameters are approximations to a circle

All prices are for a natural rust finish. (Galvanising and/or Powder Coating is possible although unnecessary. The cost of these processes means it can only be done on a minimum order of 50 units from The Basic Range. For Galvanising add £150 for 50 units and for Powder Coating add £200 for 50 units.)

Size 2:                      H 800, LD 300, UD 400   £35.00
Size 3:                      H 800, LD 400, UD 500   £40.00

Half Rounds priced per pair

Size 2:                      £35.00
Size 3:                      £40.00




The Rose Tower - Plant Supports - Jonne Ceserani - The Gardeners Blacksmith

The Hexagon Rose Tower

The Rose Tower is a vertical straight sided structure 2000mm high with 6 legs and 5 hoops of 400mm diameter. 300mm in addition to the stated height is added for placing into the ground. I have deliberately designed a straight sided tower because roses grow with more breadth as they get taller. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to tie in your flourishing climber to a support that is too narrow.

Price: £110.00

If you prefer not to have a rusting finish, there are three alternative finishes. The prices shown are in addition to the cost of the tower:

  • galvanised finish, from £75
  • shot blasted and powder coated finish, from £100
  • galvanised and powder coated, from £175.