Our three Celtic hares pick up an ancient motif, thought to have spread from China, along the Silk Road to the Middle East and subsequently Europe. It’s been used in Islamic, Jewish and Christian documents and artefacts.

The motif is said to be a warning to resist temptation and confess to sins!

Whatever it means, and it seems to vary across religions and cultures, its ubiquity shows its importance.

Three hares race in a continuous circle, each with two ears yet the motif only has three ears in total as each ear is shared by two hares.

We think they’re intriguing and have enclosed them in a steel circle to show their beauty. They’re available as short or tall ornamental stakes for the garden and as a hanging decoration for a wall. All priced at £25.

Other examples can be found in the UK as a medieval carved roof boss in South Tawton, Devon and in a medieval stained glass window in Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford, Suffolk